This 1924 photo shows the Florida Federation of Women’s Clubs parade float, at the corner of East Jefferson and South Calhoun during Tallahassee’s centennial celebration. Lassie Goodbread of Lake City is shown holding the "Florida 1895" sign. Twelve years later, in 1936, the Wewahitchka Woman’s Club joined the General Federation of Women’s Clubs. [ State Archives of Florida ]
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Historical info, past presidents’ photos sought

As Gulf County prepares to celebrate its centennial anniversary next year, the GFWC Wewahitchka Woman’s Club is also looking forward to a significant milestone: the centennial celebration in 2036 of becoming a member of the General Federation of Women’s Clubs (GFWC).

Although this celebration is over a decade away, we believe it is never too early to start gathering and preserving our rich history.

To this end, we are seeking information and photographs of our past presidents, specifically those taken during their time in office. This initiative aims to honor and commemorate the remarkable women who have led our club and contributed to its legacy. We invite family, community members, former members, and anyone with relevant information or photos to share their treasures with us.

  • Sarah Morgan (1936-37 & 1951-52)
  • Rose Campbell (1938-39)
  • Pearl Whitfield (1940-42 & 1947-49)
  • Laura Arthur (1943-44)
  • Irene Briscoe (1945-46)
  • Lorraine Norton (1946-47 & 1956-57)
  • Irene Connell (1949-50 & 1970-72)
  • Estelle Griffin (1953-54)
  • Rosenia Kilbourn (1954-55)
  • Anna Belle Gaskin (1955-56)
  • Eddie Belle White (1957-58)
  • Beatrice McGlon (1958-59)
  • Josephine White (1960-61)
  • Myrtice Dean (1962-63)
  • Irene Britt (1963-65)
  • Myrtle Roemer (1966-68)
  • Rebecca Cannon (1968-70)
  • Winn Marsh (1972-74)
  • Tweeta Gaskin (1974-76 & 1990-92)
  • Eleanor McKiernan (1976-78 & 1984-86)
  • Velva Ray (1978-80)
  • Estelle Parramore (1980-82)
  • Madege Semmes (1982-84)
  • Dorothy Taylor (1986-88 & 1992-94)
  • Marlene Whitfield (1988-90)
  • Betty Cudebec (1994-96)
  • Ruth Hall (1996-98)
  • Elaine Howell (1998-99)
  • E.J. Keller (1999-2000)
  • Maureen Mitchell (2000-04)
  • Marlene McNair (2004-06)
  • Rosa Feltrop (2006-10)

In addition to photos, we welcome any historical information regarding the years these women were members and leaders of our club. This could include anecdotes, notable achievements, club activities, or any other details that highlight their contributions and the club’s history during their presidencies.

By collecting and preserving this information, we aim to create a comprehensive and vibrant history of the GFWC Wewahitchka Woman’s Club that will be shared and celebrated during our centennial anniversary. Your contributions will help us honor the legacy of these remarkable women and ensure that their stories continue to inspire future generations.

Please send any photos or information to We appreciate your support and look forward to learning more about our past presidents and the history of our club.

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