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During the week of Feb. 23 through 29, Officer Lipford was on patrol in Gulf County targeting night hunters when he observed a vehicle displaying a light into an open field in a manner capable of disclosing the presence of deer. He stopped the vehicle and found the driver and passenger were in possession of a loaded pneumatic air rifle. The appropriate action was taken.

While Officers Butts and Gerber were checking hunters in the area, they encountered an individual hunting without a license. Officers discovered the subject was a convicted felon and found him in possession of firearms, drugs and paraphernalia. The subject admitted to shooting a deer days prior with a firearm. The individual was arrested for the violations. 

While Gerber was on patrol conducting resource inspections, he found one subject to be in possession of six undersized black drum. The appropriate law enforcement action was taken. 

During the week of March 8 through 14, Officers Hartzog and T. Nelson observed a recreational vessel in Franklin County with two individuals on board leaving from the bank of the East River with gear consistent with wild hog hunting. The officers stopped the vessel to conduct a resource and boating safety inspection. During the inspection the officers observed the vessel displayed registration indicating it was a homemade vessel, but a contradicting hull identification number was attached to the stern along with a manufacturer’s decal on the side. Through further investigation, it was determined the vessel was recently purchased and the previous owner forged a vessel builder’s statement and committed title fraud. The violations were cited accordingly. 

Officers Hartzog and Forbes observed a recreational vessel on the Carrabelle River with two individuals who were fishing. The officers stopped the vessel to conduct a resource and boating safety inspection, during which the officers observed the individuals in possession of undersized red drum and one of the individuals to be over his daily bag limit. The violations were cited accordingly. 

Officers Hartzog and Forbes were conducting a night water patrol on Apalachicola Bay and observed a commercial vessel with one individual on board who was flounder gigging. The officers stopped the vessel to conduct a resource and boating safety inspection. The individual was identified as a commercial angler with an extensive history of resource violations. During the inspection, the subject was observed to be in possession of multiple undersized flounder. The violations were cited accordingly. 

During the week of March 15 through 21, Officer Sizemore conducted a resource inspection on a vessel with four individuals coming into the boat ramp on St. George Island. The officer located three undersized black drum and two undersized redfish, and Sizemore issued citations accordingly.

Master Officer M. Webb and Lieutenant Guy responded to a search and rescue on St. Joe Bay involving two individuals on kayaks. Strong winds and seas had swept the two out, and they were unable to make their way back. The officers located the individuals and brought them on board the patrol vessel, including their watercraft. The individuals were unharmed from the experience and didn’t need medical attention.

Meet the Editor

David Adlerstein, The Apalachicola Times’ digital editor, started with the news outlet in January 2002 as a reporter.

Prior to then, David Adlerstein began as a newspaperman with a small Boston weekly, after graduating magna cum laude from Brandeis University in Waltham, Massachusetts. He later edited the weekly Bellville Times, and as business reporter for the daily Marion Star, both not far from his hometown of Columbus, Ohio.

In 1995, he moved to South Florida, and worked as a business reporter and editor of Medical Business newspaper. In Jan. 2002, he began with the Apalachicola Times, first as reporter and later as editor, and in Oct. 2020, also began editing the Port St. Joe Star.

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