Members of the Bay Area Choral Society, from left, front row: MacKay, Jo Branch, Frances Campbell, Diane Brewer, Ana Robbins, Debra Olds, Joy Tracy, Marilyn Freeman, and Dana Langford, BACS director. Second row, from left: Megan Lamb, Sara Freer, Susan Galloway, Martha Milas, Dr. Tamara Marsh, Carla May, Judy Burgess, and Elizabeth Sisung. Third row, from left: Melissa Watson, Robin Paulson, Annette Cederholm, Sandra McInnis, Meg Elliot, Rennie Edwards, Ina M. Meyer and Sophia Fonseca. Back row, from left: Dan Paulson, David Davis, Mike Giere, Scott Davis, Desmond King, John Nagy, Tyler Freeman, Josh Hall, Bill Hamilton, Randy Jones, Randy Mims and Sam Anttila. [ BACS | Contributed ]
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Choral society’s Spring Concert to debut new work

The Bay Area Choral Society will present their Spring Concert “Celebrate Music: Why We Sing” on Friday, April 12, at First United Methodist Church in Port St. Joe and Saturday, April 13 at Trinity Episcopal Church in Apalachicola.

Tickets for both concerts, each at 6 p.m. ET, are $20 for adults and $5 for students and can be purchased from BACS members or online at Tickets for the Port St. Joe concert can also be purchased at No Name Books & Gifts.

BACS will also perform a children’s concert for third graders from Port St. Joe Elementary School, and elementary students from Franklin County Schools on Friday, April 12, at 11 a.m. at First United Methodist Church of Port St. Joe. Sponsors for this concert are the PTO of Port St. Joe Elementary School and Duren’s Piggly Wiggly in Port St. Joe. 

With funding from The Tapper Foundation, BACS commissioned Ed Hogan to compose a song that expresses how the beauty of our surroundings on the Forgotten Coast fill us with music. Under the direction of BACS Choral Director Dana Langford, the song “The Maker’s Song” will debut during the Spring Concert.

The BACS commissioned composer Ed Hogan, above, to write a song about the Forgotten Coast that will debut at the concerts. [ ]

Hogan will also provide, during the concerts, brief narratives on composition, genre, and instrumentation to educate and provide incentive for students and their parents to further pursue music. Vocalists and symphonic instrumentalists from the Florida State University doctoral program will also participate in the concerts.

Hogan earned a degree from Florida State University where he studied music education and composition. He was a high school band director for 11 years before founding EHF productions, a full-service music and audio production company. For over 20 years, Hogan has been involved with every aspect of the production of church music. He has received 33 JW Pepper “Editor’s Choice” awards – 11 for choral orchestrations, six for instrumental projects and 16 for choral arrangements.

Hogan resides in Carrollton, Georgia, with his wife, Carol, and enjoys spending time with his two daughters and grandchildren.

Since 1989, BACS has been committed to providing choral musical excellence in the Forgotten Coast area. Music is directed and performed by a volunteer chorus and local accomplished musicians dedicated to producing a high standard of music to entertain and educate audiences. With music and narrative, audiences are exposed to various genres and eras of music and provided the highest quality performance and educational experiences.

Annette Cederholm is a member of the Bay Area Choral Society.

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