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Weaponizing government against Trump is backfiring

All the contrived “lawfare” cases against Trump are falling apart. 

The cases were assigned to inept and corrupt blue-city prosecutors. And, on cue, the prosecutors are botching their jobs in a clumsy sequence of events that are more telling about the veracity of the pursuers than about their target’s.

They are failing because of the emergent truths found in the cases and because of the obvious realization, even by the most casual observer, that the cases are all politically motivated and home-cooked in 90% Democrat cities. 

This week the Supreme Court voted 9-0, something it almost never does, to toss out the Colorado Supreme Court’s decision that Trump could not be on the ballot there. Without even being charged with insurrection, the liberal lower court used the antiquated 14th Amendment, which was used to bar Confederate officers from being a part of the Reconstruction political process in the 1860s. The high court decision that Trump is not Robert E. Lee might be the only case ruling that would hurt him with voters. 

The Dems are going after Trump with a dormant Confederacy law, while the Jan. 6 protestors sit in solitary confinement over a Sarbanes-Oxley financial law on the books. Gubmint stretching much? Keep in mind that as the Deep State grows, there are many laws on the books it can use to get any of us, at any time, for anything it decides. It is looking to prosecute me for violating the Sorghum Control and Rapscallion Wisenheimer Prevention Act of 1854.

Then there is the standoff between the Governor of Texas and Biden’s border control executive orders. Texas has been joined by 25 other states in fighting the feds on their purposeful dereliction of duty – truly a “Mexican Standoff.” If Biden went after violent criminals, fentanyl (now the leading cause of death for 18-45-year olds), and border protection like he goes after “MAGA Republicans,” we’d all be safer.

The deliberate encouragement of illegals allowed to cross the border to a welcome wagon of federal border agents is treasonous. Tax dollars provide $400-a-night hotel rooms in NYC plus all kinds of welfare goodies. Biden clandestinely flew 320,000 illegals into the U.S. This has irked Americans. If Biden’s border agents ask illegals when they cross, “Do you have guns or drugs on you?”, the illegals are so emboldened now that they would answer “Yes, what do you need?”

Seeing his numbers dip, Biden brazenly — and in defiance of all the facts — tried to blame the porous border on Republicans. The Dems manufactured a feckless “border bill,” which was just a $60 billion Ukraine aid bill.  It was a joke; they knew the bill would not pass.  There has not been a bill that dangerous and unpopular since Bill Cosby.

So what does Biden have to run on? The Jan. 6 sham?  The DOJ, Merrick Garland and his attack dog, Jack Smith, are being undermined daily by nascent truths about the feds’ role in fomenting the Jan. 6 “insurrection.”

Jack Smith doesn’t have Jack S#*@t. Yet the Dems keep milking it; it has gone on forever. Some medical advice for the Dems that I learned watching ever-present pharmaceutical commercials on TV: If your insurrection lasts more than four years, consult your doctor. 

Where there is corruption, laid bare for any fair-minded person willing to pay attention, there is the Biden, Inc. influence peddling. The Chi-coms gave the Bidens diamonds, cash and millions of dollars. Although they called the Chinese guy who gave them all this “a friend,” it would help the Biden obfuscation efforts if the bag man’s name were not “Cha Ching.” 

Hunter says he is the future of the Democrat Party and must survive this. He is delusional — is this guy smoking crack? 

We live in a world where Trump is told by a NYC judge he has to pay $400 million for inflating assets on a loan he paid off. Compare that to Hunter Biden, who charges cronies $500,000 for one of his paintings. Just who is overvaluing an asset?

The good news is that sensing danger, Hillary Clinton (America’s ex-wife) appeared on The View to warn that if Trump is elected, “it will be the end of our country as we know it.” That is just what we are counting on, Hillary.

A libertarian op-ed humorist and award-winning author, Ron Hart does commentary on radio and TV. He can be contacted at or @RonaldHart on Twitter.

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