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Reading the news like drinking water from a hydrant

With all the news swirling, here are roundups and catch ups of what we have missed:

  • The Alabama Supreme Court, which looks like a Baptist preacher convention subcommittee appointed to police dirty dancing betwixt the young ‘uns, voted that unused in vitro fertilized eggs were to be treated as human. Things have changed in ‘Bama. Once there was the KKK, a group of guys in white robes who scared the hell out of black folks. Now the state’s Supreme Court is a bunch of white guys in black robes who scare the hell out of white people. On the bright side, frustrated want-to-be mothers in Alabama can look forward to next year’s Bring Your Embryo to Work Day!
  • The University of Texas took down four Confederate statues. What makes it worse is that all four entered the portal to play for Ole Miss. 
  • Biden visited a cemetery in Delaware and opened his campaign headquarters there. It was a great PR stunt until the graveyard checked his vital signs and made Biden show an ID before he was allowed to leave.
  • The border remains a disaster, with criminals, sex traffickers, fentanyl and murderers flooding our cities. Biden thinks we are so gullible that we blame these problems for his re-election on Republicans.  In one poll, 70% of those questioned responded that the border is ‘way too open;’ the remaining 30% replied, “Sin comentarios.”
  • You know it is election time: swing states suddenly matter. Biden finally went to East Palestine, Ohio to pander over the railroad accident there that spilled toxic chemicals. He immediately blamed Israel for overplaying its hand in East Palestine. Biden’s arrival marked the second trainwreck to descend upon that poor city in a year.
  • Nikki Haley keeps losing and keeps hanging onto her well-funded campaign.  By continuing to press her case, she will go down in history as the longest Fox News commentator interview of all time. If Trump beats her again, Biden’s DOJ will file domestic battery charges against him. 
  • A genetic search of Joe Biden’s family found that his great-great-granddad, Moses Robinette, was a corporal in the Union Army and was attacked by another Union soldier, supposedly named Private 2nd Class “Corn Pop.” Robinette was pardoned by Republican Abraham Lincoln for attempted murder.
  • Elon Musk forges on with his dominance of space exploration. The U.S. landed on the moon again recently and plans to be on Mars in a few years. Both visits are significant; we know this because a Dollar General popped up shortly after we visited.
  • Trump was convicted in a vindictive, home-cooked NYC bank fraud trial and ordered to pay a $350 million fine — to the local government that convicted him. Dems live in a world where you prosecute a private sector loan that was paid back in full, but you seek to let students not have to pay back their loans to the Treasury. 
  • In Florida a judge valued Mar-a-Lago at $20 million (what the county tax assessor valued it at) when it is clearly worth over $1 billion. It is a 126-room mansion on 17 acres on the ocean on Palm Beach Island. But Republicans are teaming up to help Trump pay this. Former Senator Fred Thompson and actor Tom Selleck have pitched him a reverse home mortgage, so Trump will never have to lose his house in retirement. 
  • Biden was excused by the DOJ for harboring obviously stolen secret documents because he is so out of it he does not remember things and couldn’t stand trial. Afterward, Trump called Nikki Haley “Nancy Pelosi,” E. Jean Caroll he called “Marla Maples,” and he referred to his wife as “Mercedes.”  It is clear he is setting up the “Biden Defense,” in which no special prosecutor can touch him in the future.
  • Disney continues to flounder. Its “woke” movies lost billions, and the leftist agenda in California insults Middle America. Mickey Mouse has taken up wearing a Gavin Newsom watch. 
  • Legacy liberal corporate media like the L.A. Times, Newsweek, NBC News and Sports Illustrated continue historic firings. They have fired over 30,000 “journalist” reporters and the like since 2020. In this self-inflicted wound they have stopped reporting and started to become an arm of the DNC. But the good news is that many of the “journalists” found work at Starbucks in nice white neighborhoods where they serve coffee and can write “racist” on the cups.

A libertarian op-ed humorist and award-winning author, Ron Hart does commentary on radio and TV. He can be contacted at or @RonaldHart on Twitter.

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