Wewahitchka's girls cross country team at the Sneads meet on Sept. 20. [ WHS Athletic Department ]
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Gulf County cross country runners catching their stride

Cross country runners from both Gulf County High Schools had an impressive showing at the meet hosted by Sneads High School on Sept. 20.

With several runners hitting their best times and teams ranking in the top ten, both Port St. Joe’s and Wewahitchka’s coaches said the racers made the district proud.

“They didn’t quite meet my goals for their first and second mile times, but you really can’t beat that outcome,” said Port St. Joe Cross Country Coach Keion McNair, whose girls team came in first place at the meet.

“We had five (runners) in the top 10.”

McNair said three of the girls ran record times at the Sneads meet — Kate Patrick, who also won the race with a time of 22:26.5, Libby White, with a time of 23:42.4, and Arlena Gleichner, with a time of 23:50.2.

Port St. Joe’s boys cross country team also had an impressive showing, ending up placing fifth overall at the meet.

Wewahitchka Cross Country Coach Mary Holley said her young team also ran some of their best times at Sneads last Wednesday.

“We did really well,” she said. “Each one of them probably beat their time by at least a couple of minutes. So, they’re getting in shape.”

The Wewahitchka cross country teams, which combined had only nine high-school-aged competitors at the Sneads meet, are made up of mostly middle-schoolers.

“I have a lot of seventh and eighth graders,” Holley said. “So in the next few years, as they get a little older, we’re going to have a pretty good little team. They’re going to get better and better.”

Wewahitchka’s girls runners took sixth place at Sneads, and the boys team finished in eighth place.

Both Port St. Joe’s and Wewahitchka’s runners competed in Blountstown on Sept. 27. Details from the meet will be printed in next week’s Star.

Results from Sneads Home Meet 2023 5000m

Wewahitchka Girls

25:53.4 Graci Brock (8) 13th

26:35.3 Kyleigh Catrett (9) 17th

28:23.3 Madi Brock (8) 26th

28:49.2 Payton Combs (7) 27th

29:05.5 Katie Watts (7) 32nd

29:58.6 Mia Beatty (8) 35th

32:05.9 Cameron Easter (9) 42nd

38:28.7 Valerie Shiver (7) 60th

38:30.0 Katelynn Slay (7) 61st

Wewahitchka Boys

21:45.9 Lucas Wreath (7) 36th

21:53.2 Davy Gray (10) 40th

22:00.7 Bryce Ethridge (10) 43rd

22:37.4 Jaxon Sweat (7) 49th

22:38.0 Ryan Coxwell (12) 50th

22:55.8 Tyler Johnson (10) 59th

23:03.1 Calvin Ross (9) 60th

24:04.7 Wyatt Linton (10) 66th

26:04.9 Christian Johnson (10) 77th

27:30.4 Wesley Spencer (8) 81st

29:44.4 Cecil Linton 85th

Port St. Joe Girls

22:26.5 Kate Patrick (8) 1st

23:12.8 Molly Partin (9) 4th

23:42.4 Libby White (8) 7th

23:50.1 Hannah DaCosta (12) 8th

23:50.2 Arlena Cleichner (12) 9th

25:55.0 Farrah Spring (10) 14th

26:44.7 Celie White (10) 18th

33:50.7 Katie Trochessett (10) 47th

33:50.7 Kaylee Schweikert (12) 48th

Port St. Joe Boys

19:22.5 Jude Fosshage (7) 11th

19:43.4 Nathan Lipford (10) 15th

20:52.5 Chase Ford (7) 28th

22:40.0 Rhys Bennefield (9) 51st

22:46.4 Preston Beckwith (9) 57th

25:31.2 Dane Fosshage (9) 71st

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