Tiger Shark runners picking up the pace

According to Coach Keion McNair, Port St. Joe’s cross country teams are already showing improvements over last year’s season.

At the 2023 Dolphin Dash Invitational at Bay Dunes Golf Course in Panama City Sept. 2, Port St. Joe’s boys and girls varsity cross country runners turned in times that were faster, on average, than those McNair was seeing from them at this time last year.

“We had a pretty productive summer, and coming off that summer, everybody on the team ran faster than the time that they opened up the season with a year ago,” he said. “That’s a big positive sign going forward into this year.”

Two runners set personal records at the meet in the 5,000 meter run — Farrah Spring at 26:31.9 and Celie White at 28:13.9.

In the coming weeks, McNair said his runners would be shifting their training away from endurance and towards exercises designed to help improve their speed.

“We’re jumping to a different phase of our training,” he said. “They love this phase because they actually get to run fast and not just focus on mileage… I’m getting my cross country kids to be sprinters, to run as sprinters.”

“If they’re going to improve their times, they’ve got to be able to run fast. We’ve got the distance in. Now we’ve got to improve the speed.”

Port St. Joe’s cross country runners next compete in Marlin Mayhem meet in Panama City on Oct. 7.

2023 Dolphin Dash Invitational Results


20:58.8 Nathan Lipford 56th

21:22.5 Jude Fosshage 62nd

24:42.0 Preston Beckwith 107th

25:10.8 Chase Ford 113th

30:09.2 Rhys Bennefield 132nd

30:39.7 Dane Fosshage 133rd


23:55.5 Molly Partin 23rd

24:43.0 Kate Patrick 29th

25:05.0 Hannah DaCosta 31st

25:14.6 Libby White 35th

25:40.9 Arlena Gleichner 38th

26:31.9 Farrah Spring 42nd

28:13.9 Celie White 53rd

30:02.7 Kaylee Schweikert 63rd

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