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Port St. Joe nursing home hosts pageant for residents

Margaret Cain has accomplished a lot in her 99 years, but last month, she was able to cross one more thing off her bucket list.

Cain, a resident of Gulf Shores Care Center who will turn 100 later this year, was crowned as a pageant queen.

Gulf Shores hosted their first ever Golden Girls Senior Pageant for their residents on June 24, complete with a stage, bright pink decorations, evening gowns and a crown for the winner.

The idea for the pageant, which came from Gulf Shores staff member Melissa Felder, was aimed at providing some of the nursing home’s senior residents with the opportunity to celebrate each other.

“Felder has been a member of the FL- GA Harley Davidson Social Group and a dedicated caregiver and employee at Gulf Shores Care Center for 18 years,” wrote the nursing home in a press release. “She has a passion to give back to her patients and work and do her part to improve quality of life for the residents that she cares for daily.”

Felder enlisted the help of the FL— GA Harley Davidson Distinguished Ladies, a social group established in 2016 as a result of their husbands or significant others’ love of motorcycles.  

“While the ladies love riding with their companions, they all agreed that there is a need to do more in local areas. They wanted to use their time and resources to give back to their communities,” the release said. “Their mission is to serve as a social group dedicated to creating an environment of love, unity, and support for one another through community.”

Together, they spent countless hours planning and organizing the event for the ladies at the facility by obtaining evening gowns, jewelry, accessories, food, and tending to each detail to ensure that these ladies who sometimes feel forgotten in long term care had a very special moment with their families, friends and the community.   

Approximately 20 ladies were pampered by the group and the staff in preparation for the pageant and then escorted to the beautifully decorated dining room where they participated in a special ceremony where each was recognized while enjoying music, fellowship and food with staff, families and friends.   

After being declared the pageant queen, Cain was bestowed a beautiful jeweled crown to wear for the event. 

“It was a very special day for the residents and the families,” said the nursing home. “Gulf Shores Care and Rehab is thankful to all of those who worked so hard to make this day special for these patients.”

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