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Biden’s ever-changing story on cocaine ‘mystery’

Richard Nixon famously said, “I am not a crook.” And by today’s Biden family standards, he clearly was not.

At first cocaine was found in the White House Library. But then the staff checked and found that it was right next to an area where only Biden has access. So that had to be changed.

Then they said it was found in a cubby hole where staffers and some visitors enter, which lets staff blame it on anyone. “Perfect. My work here is done.” said White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre.

The fact there are cameras all over the most secure building in the world would let investigators find whose cocaine it was if they wanted. Just look at the video.

This administration, which does not have a clue, set about a game of “Clue” with all the vague and varying “facts” it put out there. Was it someone in the library with a bag? Was it some guest in the West Wing with a guest? If you guessed “Hunter Biden in the Library next to the President’s office with a rolled up Ukrainian hundred-dollar bill,” you win.

This administration is so out of touch it is probably more upset about someone using a plastic straw than about someone using cocaine.

The whole episode will teach the Biden Administration not to have a “take your kid to work” day. The only industry in which it makes less sense to “take your kid to work” day is the porn industry.

What can be learned from this inept, comical set of shrouded and contradictory information coming from the White House and spokes-liar Jean-Pierre is that the Deep State may have finally turned on the Biden crime family.

Historically, by now the FBI would have taken the cocaine and planted it at Mar-a-Lago. Or there would have been a fake FISA warrant sought by the FBI looking into the Trump family’s collusion with Bogotá, Columbia. Eric sniffles a lot; he would probably be the focus of the investigation.

Remember when they said Donald Trump “sniffled” at the debates with

Hillary and that “He was on cocaine?” That would be enough for the FBI to get the fake FISA warrant and jack him around for two more years.

The shakedown business must be good, since Hunter has upgraded from cheap crack to pure cocaine. Let the good times roll! You have to hand it to Hunter: usually crack addicts’ only source of income is the copper wire they steal from air conditioners.

Cocaine is like the limousine liberals: It is only to be used by the rich; it is very white; and, like their policies, feels so good at first. But it is ultimately very destructive and ruins families.

Hunter Biden has been at the White House (Jean-Pierre lied about what day he was there), and the probability that he had nothing to do with the cocaine defies logic. But let’s give Hunter the benefit of the doubt here. There is a lot of stress shaking down China and Ukraine and evading taxes during these tense times.

This is the only world in which the IRS and the feds investigate Hunter for five years, let statutes of limitations run out, and charge him with two nothing misdemeanors.

Who does not report $1.2 million in overseas income with the government not questioning its source? And Hunter breaks a big gun law right in front of an administration which always wants more gun laws, but he suffers no consequence.

Left-wing media have hardly aired the story; they have downplayed it. Maybe Hollywood doubted the story because they did not understand it since “There is no such thing as leftover cocaine.”

Hunter Biden, who Papa Joe says is the “smartest person he has ever met” (which may be true), is a disaster. Imagine if any of the Trump kids did what he has done.

Hunter will continue to a problem; he is the most embarrassing president’s son since Martin Sheen was president.

Look, I am not judging Hunter for using cocaine. I think drugs should be legal and the “War on Drugs” is a disaster. But what I do find telling is how the Deep State and media continue to cover for this arrogantly corrupt family.

Joe Biden is a survivor. He sees the indictments coming so, apparently by his actions, he is setting up a bulletproof “not guilty by reason of insanity” defense for himself.

A libertarian op-ed humorist and award-winning author, Ron does commentary on radio and TV. He can be contacted at Ron@RonaldHart.com or @RonaldHart on Twitter.

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