Quinn, McCroan to remain chair, vice chair of the Board of County Commissioners

Gulf County commissioners unanimously voted at their Dec. 14 special meeting to reappoint Chairman Sandy Quinn as the board’s leader in the upcoming calendar year.

Phillip McCroan, the commissioner for District 5, will serve as the board’s vice chair.

“We have to pick our fearless leader to lear this board and our county into the next calendar year, and I’d like to nominate Chairman Quinn to still be our chairman and Mr. McCroan to be the vice chairman,” said Commissioner for District 1 David Rich.

The motion was quickly seconded by Commissioner for District 3,  Patrick Farrell, and passed 4-0, with there being one vacancy on the board. 

Quinn thanked that board and the county staff for the opportunity to continue serving in the role.

“Once again, thank you, guys. We can’t do this job without you guys,” said Quinn. “We couldn’t do it without our staff. I really appreciate once again having the opportunity to stay the chairman of this board.”

It will be Quinn’s third consecutive year serving as chairman and McCroan’s second as vice chair.

While commissioners are elected to represent their districts by Gulf County citizens, leadership within the board is decided by its five members. Leadership appointments within the board last for one year. 

The new appointments will take effect on Jan. 1. 

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