Trey Sanders enters transfer portal after three years at UA

Trey Sanders, a University of Alabama running back from Port St. Joe, is entering the transfer portal.

Sanders was the highest ranked offensive recruit in Alabama’s 2019 class. He spoke on his signing day about hoping to contend for the Heisman Trophy as a true freshman, but ultimately, a series of injuries rendered him unable to play for several seasons.

The running back suffered a knee injury early in his time with Alabama, preventing him from playing in the 2019 season. In 2020, he was seriously injured in a car wreck in Clarksville while visiting home. 

“You appreciate everything a whole lot more,” Sanders said in an article for the Alabama Crimson Tide following the incident. “I say that – since I’ve been going through this process of not playing football – I actually learned a lot about myself outside of football. I realized what I want to do one day after I’m done playing the game. And hopefully, when I’m done playing football, I’m able to do the same thing I was when I was playing the game: inspiring people. That’s the main outlook I’ve had the past couple years.”

A broken hip was among the many injuries that could have ended Sanders’ football career, but he was back on the field for the 2021 season.

Sanders had 116 carries for 528 yards and three touchdowns in his three seasons with Alabama.

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