How Gulf County voted on Primary Election Day

For the first time since John Hanlon was elected as Gulf County’s Supervisor of Elections, election day voting turnout eclipsed early voting and vote-by-mail numbers in Tuesday’s primary election.

“Election Day, for the first time since I started working here in 2008, surpassed early voting,” Hanlon said. 

There were 2,246 Gulf County ballots cast for primary elections in 2022. 

Gulf County has 10,332 registered voters, meaning voter turnout for the primary elections was around 21.7 percent. Voter turnout was around 40 percent in the 2020 primary elections in Gulf County, though it is typical for turnout to be higher during years that coincide with the U.S. presidential election.

Hanlon said that turnout is likely to be higher for the general election, which will be held November 8.

“The voting percentage turnout, you have to bear in mind that although it doesn’t look that high, it’s artificially suppressed,” he said.

“I’ve got 2,000 voters who are not party affiliated, and they have nothing to vote on, but those 2,000 are included in the total registered numbers, so it makes the turnout look a little less than what it truly is for those who were eligible to vote in this election.”

Republicans were able to vote in the primary for the state’s commissioner of Agriculture, and Republican voters in Gulf County’s District 2 voted for the Republican candidate for the county commission seat. Democrats voted in primaries for the state’s governor, senator, attorney general and commissioner of agriculture.

Winners of the primaries who face opposition from a candidate from another party will move on to have their names on the general election ballot.

There is still time to register to vote in the November 8 election. For more information on how to register to vote, visit the supervisor of elections’ website.

Here’s how Gulf County voted on August 23



County Commission Dist. 2
Ward McDaneil 175 votes 34.65%
Tom Semmes 144 votes 28.51%
Billy Traylor 186 votes 36.83%


Commissioner of Agriculture
James Shaw 390 votes 26.05%
Wilton Simpson 1,107 votes 73.95%




Charlie Crist 367 votes 51.9%
Cadence Daniel 32 votes 4.53%
Nicole “Nikki” Fried 262 votes 37.06%
Robert L. Williw 46 votes 6.51%
Ricardo De La Fuente 20 votes 2.9%
Val Demings 484 votes 70.25%
Brian Rush 120 votes 17.42%
William Sanchez 65 votes 9.43%
Attorney General
Aramia Ayala 238 votes 36.12%
Jim Lewis 257 votes 39%
Daniel Uhlfelder 164 votes 24.89%
Commissioner of Agriculture
Naomi Esther Blemur 305 votes 45.66%
J.R. Gaillot 182 votes 27.25%
Ryan Morale 181 votes 27.1%

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