Hoffman, Lowry sworn in for new terms

At the city’s July 19 meeting, surrounded by neighbors and family, Brett Lowry and Scott Hoffman were sworn in for their new terms as Port St. Joe city commissioners by County Judge Tim McFarland.

Both commissioners ran unopposed this year, meaning no city election was held.

Hoffman will be entering his third term as the commissioner for Group Four, having first been elected to the position in 2018.

“I wanted to thank the public,” Hoffman said. “I don’t know if they couldn’t find anyone to run against me or if they thought I was doing an adequate job, but I’m thankful I’ll continue to serve for at least another two years.”

This will be Lowry’s fourth term as commissioner for Group Three, having first been elected in 2016.

“I appreciate the public’s faith in me, and for allowing me to run again unopposed,” Lowry said. “I’m humbled by it, and it means a lot to me.”

Both commissioners were reelected to two-year terms.

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