Stone Mill Creek Fire Department responds to stove fire

The Stone Mill Creek Volunteer Fire Department responded to a residential fire at a house located on Quails Den Dr. in Stone Mill Creek on Friday afternoon.

According to SMCVFD’s Fire Chief Wesley Newsome, the fire was the second cooking fire of the day.

The fire was reported extinguished shortly after 1:30 CDT. Newsome said the flames were mostly put out using kitchen flour.

While no serious damages were reported at today’s fires, Newsome said it is especially important that people remain mindful of the elevated fire danger associated with hot weather.

“With this extreme heat and with everyon’e little ones out of school, I just want to let people know to remember the stuff on the stove and to set a timer and a secondary timer.”

“It can be easy to forget when there’s so much going on.”

No injuries were reported, and the house was not deemed a loss.

“There was minimal damage, and everything got taken care of thanks to a quick response,” said Newsome.

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