Waterspout filmed off Mexico Beach Monday

A Mexico Beach resident captured footage of a waterspout on Monday morning during a line of  thunderstorms that produced marine warnings throughout the Florida panhandle.

Shelley Willis Burch posted the moment in a local Facebook group, where the video has since been shared more than 70 times.

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Waterspouts, columns of wind and water, are relatively common during thunderstorms in the panhandle.  They are normally weaker than tornadoes and tend to dissipate quickly after they make landfall.

The National Weather Service issued a special marine warning for the area that was in effect until 8:45 a.m., citing that waterspouts were possible.

Steep waves and heavy rip currents were also reported. Red flag warnings have been issued at most local beaches, and beachgoers are encouraged to exercise extreme caution when in or near the water.

At this time,  the Star is not aware of any reported damage. This report will be updated as more information becomes available.

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