PSJ girls dominate district track meet

Eight high school teams converged at Port St. Joe on Tuesday, April 26, for the 1A District 2 track meet, and when the final event ended, the Tiger Shark girls lay claim to the first-place trophy.

The girls ran well past runner-up Blountstown, winning by a 286-135 score.

The results were reversed in boys action, with Blountstown prevailing over runner-up Port St. Joe by a score of 265-133. 

Wewahitchka took third place in both boys and girls competition, with 72 and 88 points respectively, and like their county rivals, will be well-represented at the 1A Region 1 track meet, to be held at Bishop Snyder High School in Jacksonville, on Wednesday, May 4. 

The other District 2 schools represented were Cottondale, Franklin County, Liberty County, Munroe, and Sneads. 

“I am exhausted,” said Tiger Shark coach Keion McNair, at the end of the day following a plethora of team pictures. “I know I’m fixing to go and pass out.”

McNair, who served as the district tournament host, had worked on getting the facilities set up the day before. 

“Coach (Kenny) Parker, Coach (Toney) Powell, Coach (Des) Quinn, and all the other coaches definitely chipped in and made it work for everybody,”McNair said. “Special thanks to the ROTC students and their commander (James Watkins). There were a lot of people (who) were a part of it.” 

With a finish in the top four of an event required to move on to regional competition, “we pretty much had everybody on our team make it,” said a very pleased McNair. 

Port St. Joe boys preparing to move on to regionals include:
  • D.J. Oliver, first in shot put, third in 100-meters and fourth in 4×100 relay.
  • Parker Hicks, first in 800-meters, fourth in 1600-meters, second in pole vault and first in 4×400 relay
  • Darian Mills, first in 110-meter hurdles, 300-meter hurdles and the 4×400 relay
  • Daniel Nguyen. third in 110-meter hurdles, second in 300-meter hurdles, and first in 4×400 relay
  • Sumner Dickey, third in pole vault
  • Lawson Smiley, fourth in pole vault
  • Kobe Flowers, fourth in discus
  • Justice Peacock, second in javelin
  • Donnell Hill, second in 4×100 relay and first in 4×400 relay
  • Devin Cuttino, second in 4×100 relay
  • Aiden Gainer, second in 4×100 relay
Port St. Joe girls preparing to move on to regionals include:
  • Lexi Fountain, second in 100-meters, first in 4×100 relay and third in long jump
  • Jae Lenox, third in 100-meters, first in 4×100 relay and first in long jump
  • Jayla Hill, fourth in 100-meters, second in 200-meters, first in 4×400 relay, second in triple jump
  • Madelyn Shoaf, third in 200-meters
  • Hailyn Levins, fourth in 200-meters, first in 4×100 relay, first in 4×400 relay
  • Molly Partin, third in 400 meters
  • Madelyn Gortemoller, first in 800-meters, first in 4×400 relay
  • Kristen Bouington, second in 800-meters, second in 1600 meters, first in 4×800 relay, first in javelin 
  • Hannah DaCosta, third in 800-meters, third in 1600 meters, first in 4×800 relay
  • Katie Trochessett, first in 3200-meters, first in 4×800 relay
  • Farrah Spring, third in 3200-meters
  • Celie White, fourth in 3200-meters, first in 4×800 relay
  • Damari Johnson, first in 100-meter hurdles, 300-meter hurdles and triple jump, and second in long jump
  • Ava Tannehill, fourth in 100-meter hurdles, first in 4×100 relay
  • R.J. Gerlach, second in 300 meter hurdles, first in 4×400 relay, fourth in triple jump
  • Lily Wockenfuss, first in pole vault, and second in high jump 
  • Alexis Price, first in the discus, third in shot put
  • Ty’Shawn Shackleford, second in the discus, first in shot put
Wewahitchka boys headed to regionals include:
  • Adin Evans, first in 1600-meters, third in 4×400 relay 
  • Brayden Kemp, first in pole vault
  • Bailey Cox, first in javelin, third in discus, and third in 4×400 relay 
  • Darren Angelino, fourth in 4×100 relay, third in 4×400 relay, second in 4×800 relay
  • B.J. Cole, fourth in 4×100 relay, third in 4×400 relay, second in 4×800 relay
  • P.J. Garrison, fourth in 4×100 relay
  • Lukas Moore, second in 4×800 relay
  • Jackson Suit, fourth in 4×100 relay, second in 4×800 relay
Wewahitchka girls headed to regionals include:
  • Kyleigh Catrett, fourth in 1600 meters, second in 3200 meters, second in 4×800 relay
  • Avery Forehand, third in 300-meter hurdles, second in pole vault, second in 4×100 relay, second in 4×400 relay
  • Hailey McDaniel, third in triple jump and discus, second in 4×400 relay
  • Allie Archibald, second in 4×100 relay
  • Jalyan Badillo, second in 4×100 relay, second in 4×400 relay
  • Ashlyn Ake, second in 4×100 relay
  • Kate Meyer, second in 4×100 relay
  • Kinsley Powell, second in 4×800 relay
  • Logan Taylor, second in 4×800 relay
  • Taylor Angelino, second in 4×800 relay

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