Gators win snatch, traditional at boys district weightlifting finals

Seven area high schools met last Tuesday, March 29, at the Wewahitchka High School gym to compete in the 1A District 3 boys weightlifting finals.

The Gators took first place in both the Snatch event with 93 points and the Traditional (bench, clean and jerk) event with 57 points, barely edging out county rival Port St. Joe who earned 54 points.

Wewa won in spite of the absence of Alex Williams, last year’s 1A state champion in the 199 lb. class. Williams, who signed with Florida State as a preferred walk-on in February, broke his hand while playing baseball and will be unable to defend his title.

In addition to the two Gulf County schools, Bay, Bozeman, Franklin County, North Bay Haven, and Rutherford participated.

The top six finishers in each weight category will meet at the Region 1-1A finals, which will begin at 1:00 p.m. EST at the Port St. Joe gym on Friday, April 8.

Snatch results

119 lbs, Cole Williams (1st) and Landin Webb (2nd) of Wewa, with 120 and 105, respectively.

129 lbs, Wewa’s Corbin Hysmith (2nd) with 130, and Justin Johnson (5th).

139 lbs, Wewa’s Bryson Greene (1st) with 140, and John Connor (5th) with 100.

154 lbs, Wewa’s Nathan Combs (1st) with 135 and Colton Johnson (2nd) with 130, and Jacob Marshall (3rd) of Port St. Joe with 125.

169 lbs, Wewa’s Tremaine Booker (1st) with 165, and Avery Davis (3rd) with 145.

183 lbs, Wewa’s P.J. Garrison (1st) and Joey Salerno (2nd), both with 160.

199 lbs, Wewa’s Damian Hughes (3rd) and Myka Steele (4th), both with 140.

219 lbs, Wewa’s Braxton Durden (2nd) with 170, and Porter Mayhann (5th) with 140.

238 lbs, Wewa’s Preston Stacey (2nd) with 170, and Caden Wooten (5th) with 150.

Unlimited, Wewa’s Noah Taunton (2nd) with 165, and Matthew Nunnery (3rd) with 150.

Traditional results

119 lbs, Wewa’s Williams (1st) with 320, Wewa’s Jake Parker (2nd) with 315, PSJ’s Zack Burkett (3rd) with 290, PSJ’s Ayden Davis (4th) with 275.

129 lbs, Wewa’s Hysmith (2nd) with 360 and Johnson (5th) with 305.

139 lbs, PSJ’s Devin Cuttino (1st) with 430, Greene of Wewa (2nd) with 405, PSJ’s Walker Chumney (4th) with 350.

154 lbs, Wewa’s Combs (4th) with 390, PSJ’s Andrew Sheppard (6th) with 380.

169 lbs, PSJ’s Tad Russell (1st) with 530 and P.J. Jones (2nd) with 525, Wewa’s Booker (3rd) with 510 and teammate Tyran Williams (6th) with 425.

183 lbs, Wewa’s Salerno (1st) with 525, and PSJ’s Chase Lanford (4th) with 480.

199 lbs, Hughes of Wewa (5th) with 420. 219 lbs, Aiden Gainer (1st), PSJ with 590, and Wewa’s Durden (2nd) with 575.

238 lbs, D.J. Oliver of PSJ (1st) with 620, Wewa’s Stacey (2nd) with 580 and Wooten (3rd) with 515.

Unlimited, PSJ’s Sailor Tull (1st) with 660, and Wewa’s Taunton (5th) with 540.

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