Gardeners to hear from local beekeeper

The Port St. Joe Garden Club will host its next meetings on Thursday, March 10, at 10 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. Eastern at the Garden Center located at 216 Eighth Street. 

The public is welcome to attend and light refreshments will be served. The featured speaker at both meetings will be Buddy Nachtsheim, owner of Good News Honey. 

Nachtsheim is a local beekeeper who will recount how he and his bees survived the throes of Hurricane Michael. He has authored two books about his journey with his bee, entitled Hurricane Honey: A Survivor’s Story of Overcoming! and Promised Land Honey: A Story of Good News

Attendees will have an opportunity to taste Nachtsheim’s honey and purchase both his books and honey. 

One of the primary objectives of the garden club is to foster and encourage horticulture and the conservation of soil and natural resources. Furthermore, it is chartered to undertake projects that beautify the streets, highways and other areas of Gulf County. 

At the behest of the garden club, county commissioners have voted to establish a wildflower conservation area along US 98 from Twine Road east of town to the Franklin County line. The shoulders of the road will continue to be mowed regularly for driver visibility and disabled vehicles.

However, the road crew will be instructed to postpone mowing naturally occurring wildflowers that grow between the ditches to the outer edge of the right-of-way until after the wildflowers have bloomed and set seed. This, in turn, provides habitat and nourishment to pollinators which are vital to agriculture and the ecology.

The garden club is pleased with Gulf County’s roadside wildflower initiative and has promised to secure signage that will demarcate the wildflower conservation areas. This pilot program will be evaluated after implementation and if deemed a success, may be extended to other rural roads in the county. 

For more information about the club, email [email protected] or visit the Port St. Joe Garden Club Facebook page. Please contact coordinator Sue Meyer at 513-504-1679 for details regarding the rental of the newly renovated and historic Garden Center at 216 Eighth Street. The venue is ideal for weddings, family reunions, and graduation parties.

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