Biden/Harris: Dumb and Dumber

Vice President Kamala Harris, who we all know is one heartbeat away from the presidency, was shipped to Poland last week to represent the US government in dealing with the war in Ukraine and the refugee crisis at the Poland-Ukraine border. The trip was a disaster. From habit Kamala greeted the Ukrainian refugees arriving at the border with Democrat voter registration and EBT cards and welcomed them to Texas.

Kamala dipped her toe into the conflict in Ukraine.  She actually said, “Ukraine is a country in Europe. It exists next to another country called Russia.” Then she went on to say, “Russia is a bigger country.”

After her embarrassing visit, the Polish people are now telling Kamala Harris jokes.

She is making the Donner Expedition seem like a well-prepared adventure.

With Biden and Harris leading us, our nation has never looked worse. If a problem is not a racial grievance or a political kickback, they have no idea what to do. And as bad as Joe Biden is, most Americans agree we would rather have him than Kamala. She is a woman who slept her way up the vapid California political system (allegedly) and checked a box for Sleepy Joe when he ran for president.  Putin senses weakness, as libs prefer to like in their “woke” and dopey PC world.

Kamala is a historic first for America. She’s the first person from a slave-owning Jamaican and Indian family who somehow became an African American.

Her verbal blunders, odd cackling laugh (learned from Hillary) and condescending answers to questions have repeatedly gotten her into trouble. Any vigilant corporate mainstream press honestly practicing its craft would have Sarah Palin-ed or Dan Quayle-ed her by now.

Despite Biden giving her few major responsibilities and much of her staff leaving in disgust, she bumbles on. Untethered to reality, she is a left wing idealogue who has no realistic answers to the problems that face America. It’s a bad look for the U.S. at a time of crisis when we need clear leadership.

Kamala could not broker peace in the Kardashian family, much less on the world stage. In a quid pro quo, Ukraine should become a member of NATO and give Russia the ex-Soviet-ethnic eastern part of Ukraine Putin wants. Kamala probably thinks Quid Pro Quo is a Chinese NBA player.

Biden and Harris are blaming the one-year rise in gas prices on a two-week war with Russia. Only an idiot would believe that. Maybe Dr.Fauci can be trotted out to tell Americans that if we do not drive for two weeks, we can flatten the gas price curve.

One thing corporate America has done to Russia is cut off Starbucks, Coca-Cola, McDonalds and Pornhub. That might make Russia the healthiest folks in the world.  Take away their Big Macs and sugary Cokes? This is not the time to stop killing Russians.

No American fast-food as sanctions? Ukraine wants a “no-fly-zone,” and we give them a “no-fry-zone.” Maybe Quid Pro Quo was misinterpreted in this particular translation.

Remember when we would cut off power to an enemy by shutting down its utilities? Apparently in the world we live in today, porn is an essential service. I never watch porn, but my friends Gary and John tell me that there are a lot of Eastern European women on there. So, when pop-up ads tell Americans that there are Ukrainian women near you right now who want to meet you, they may actually be right this time.

It is good to point out that corporate America is playing a major role here, as it did when Operation Warp Speed got us the COVID vaccines in record time.  The ruble is worth less than a Biden campaign promise. And Russians love American goods.

Biden’s poll numbers have jumped a bit as America naturally supports a president in wartime. And supposedly the Russian people like what Putin has done, according to his pollsters, “KGB Kremlin and Associates.” This reminds us just how a slanted, state-run media can shape the narrative by controlling what is said and who gets to say it. It is the same in Russia.

These two clowns in the White House are disasters. And if you voted for them, you owe me gas money.

Ron Hart is a syndicated op-ed humorist, award-winning author, and TV/radio commentator; you can reach him at or Twitter @RonaldHart.

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