Quinn to remain county commission chairman in 2022

Gulf County commissioners unanimously voted at their Nov. 23 meeting to reappoint Chairman Sandy Quinn as the board’s leader in the upcoming calendar year. 

“It’s that time of year again… to select our leadership for the calendar year 2022,” said Commissioner for District 2 Ward McDaniel, opening the matter for discussion. “That’s our chair and vice chair.” 

“At this time, Mr. Chairman, if a motion is in order, I would like to make the motion that Commissioner Sandy Quinn, who represents District 4, remain as our chairman, and, as a vice chair, that commissioner Phil McCroan, who represents District 5, be the vice chair.” 

The motion was quickly seconded by Commissioner for District 3, Patrick Farrell. 

Quinn thanked McDaniel and the other commissioners for the motion. 

“I would like to say I really do appreciate these guys,” he said. “I’ve learned from you, Mr. McDaniel, when you were the chairman, and I’ve learned from all of you… Thank you, guys, for trusting me to help lead the board again for another year.” 

McCroan also expressed gratitude for his appointment, emphasizing that the chairman’s role requires a significant amount of extra work, and while he hopes to be chairman one day, he is thankful for Quinn’s willingness to take the position next year.  

While commissioners are elected to represent their districts by Gulf County citizens, leadership within the board is decided by its five members. Leadership appointments within the board last for one year. 

The new appointments will take effect on January 1. 

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