A Lot More Demand for Racism than Supply

On Tuesday, former Minneapolis Police Officer Derek Chauvin was found guilty of second-degree unintentional murder, third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter in the death of George Floyd, which should tamp down racism in America and reduce plywood window covering sales by leap and bounds.

This had to be a big disappointment to the race baiting political class led by Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA). She stoked fear and anger, saying protestors should be “more confrontational.” No one is more angry than Democrats when things go right.  But she asked her supporters to cause violence in the wake of the George Floyd verdict, which was good.  If she had asked her followers for a “peaceful protest” like Trump did, she might be in big trouble now and facing impeachment.

The double standard on race is stark. If you compare the words of Maxine Waters to those of Trump, who was impeached for using the words “patriot” and “peaceful protest,” it is glaringly obvious who is stoking racial strife.

Maxine Water must be sponsored by Safelite AutoGlass.  Her followers, who were expecting to exploit the George Floyd verdict for a flat screen TV or a pair of Air Jordans, must have felt let down. Downtown Minneapolis has a statue of Mary Tyler Moore throwing her hat in the air, which got shot at like the clay target in skeet shooting in preparation for the riots.

Fortunately, the verdict came on 4/20, National Marijuana Day, so everyone was pretty chill.

So where are we on race? Nine unarmed black guys who resisted arrest were shot last year by police. We have 330 million folks in America, most here legally. So the simple math, 9/330,000,000, makes it a .00000003 chance this happens.

Based on CNN’s “reporting,” shooting a black male is clearly a daily sport by police. In fact, if you watch the mainstream media, there is nary a black kid who can walk outside without being shot. And the blame is squarely placed on one group: the white race. According to CNN, we wake up each morning just to see how many innocent black teens we can hurt.

We should all take a break and have a day of thoughtful introspection. Maybe we could call it “Just Don’t Resist Arrest Day.” It might give both side a chance to re-load and rethink this whole fake narrative that cops are bad, while felons with drugs in their systems and who resist arrest are good. No murals are painted for the cops who rush into dangerous situations to save someone. But if you are a career criminal who gets shot by a policeman while resisting arrest…well, you are a hero.

If you think crime does not pay, just look at Hunter Biden’s meteoric rise. Ne’er-do-well Hunter Biden, the grifter son of the current cardboard cut-out president, can do as he pleases. He commits crimes and gets book deals. He hooks up with hookers, shakes down Ukraine for millions in his dad’s name, does blow, and is the toast of the liberal media. They should do a TV crime show based on him, “Washingon, D.C. STD.”

Washington, the city which only indicts political enemies, is busy working on an “infrastructure bill.” And by “infrastructure,” our politicians mean any government union or Democrat operative group to which they can shovel cash. The “shovel ready” Democrat pork groups who will get funded will be diverse; they will range from left-wing to far left-wing groups. As potholes on the roads of cities grow so deep that you can fish for bass in most of them during a hard rain, “infrastructure” money will go to public sector unions and Democrat honey holes awaiting the next elections cycle.

Cities like Atlanta, which made the top-ten list of cities taken over by gangs, are trying to hold on. Seeking to maintain its haughty reputation, stores in Buckhead did cover their windows with wood, but they used a nice stained cypress to let folks know that we are still Buckhead, by God.

Looting after a court verdict has become an American pastime sanctioned by liberal mayors and the media. Perpetually upset lefties in the blue state of Minnesota were all bowed up for riots and turmoil in the streets. But they will have to wait.  It’s not as if the Timberwolves stand any chance of giving them an opportunity for an NBA victory looting.

Justice in the Derek Chauvin case was served, as President Biden and Maxine Waters weighed in with threats of riots while the trial was still going on. The dark blue city jurors voted 12-to-0 to convict, but it got awkward the next night when 25,000 mail-in votes to convict were added.

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