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Marina to host grand opening event in April

It’s been about three months since the Point South Marina in Port St. Joe reopened its doors to the public, and now, General Manager Preston Sutter says, marina leadership is ready to see the facility step back into the role it once held as a community gathering space.


To celebrate, the marina will be hosting a grand opening event next month, the first of what Sutter hopes will be many large gatherings to come.


“We’ve spent four years building this place since (Hurricane) Michael, and it’s really just an opportunity for us to welcome everybody back to the property,” he said. “ We want to show off our retail store. I want to introduce the team that I’ve hired to work here.”


“My overarching goal for the event is that people in town see that it’s their neighbors, and the people they go to church with, and the parents of kids on their kids’ softball teams that are working and hanging out here, and not people from some faraway place,” Sutter continued.


The grand opening event, which will be held at the marina on April 14 from around 4 to 8 p.m. EDT. It will feature live music, activities for families and food catered by local businesses.


“I hope tourists come by. I hope locals support it. I want it to be a thing, and I want it to lay the groundwork for stuff we do in the future,” said Sutter.


For more information about the Point South Marina and the services offered there, visit https://pointsouthmarina.com/#port-st-joe.